New video

Here is the latest video I made with Fluent Studios. While I love book work to be sure, it can be nice to include some quicker projects like this one. The client, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, wanted an "edgy" look to appeal to the Upper West Side parents they are trying to attract. I created the style and all the images, Fluent brought it to life.

Doing animation projects with Fluent is very different than creating book illustrations. Animation frames go by so quickly that each image becomes far less precious than a picture book image, which a child might pore over again and again. The tools for me are different as well: for work with Fluent I use Adobe Illustrator to make my images simple to animate on tight budgets with quick turn around times. Where illustrating a book takes months and months, animating a 1-2 minute video takes days. And, since this video is an advertisement, the client has lots of input in shaping both the style and content of the images. And yet, this doesn't take away the possibility for creative expression. With all the tight specifications we were given for this project, it would still look completely different if another illustrator had been asked to do the job. Which is pretty cool.